Top 6 Most Stylish Race Cars of 2023

Red Bull RB19

The 2023 motorsport season is in full swing with F1 already underway, WRC in action for over two months, IMSA gearing up for round two at Sebring, and the World Endurance Championship about to begin. With so many new cars hitting the tracks, the question arises: which ones are the best looking?

1. Cadillac V Series.R – IMSA/WEC

Cadillac V Series.R

The Hypercar category of the World Endurance Championship features a stunning fleet of new Le Mans Hypercars and LMDh machines. Choosing just one from each side is challenging, given their handsome designs. However, Cadillac’s latest model, which succeeds its DPi V.R, is undoubtedly an impressive sight. The V Series.R is not only visually stunning but also boasts a powerful V8 engine that adds to its allure, making it far cooler than its unimpressive name suggests.

2. Ford Mustang – V8 Supercars

Ford Mustang V8 Supercar

The previous iteration of the Australian Supercars Mustang was unappealing, with a Ford Mustang body inelegantly stretched over a saloon car chassis. The drooping nose made it appear as though it had melted in the sun. However, the new generation of V8 Supercars racing is here, and the vehicles have gone from awkward to stunning. The current Mustang looks more like a genuine Mustang, and arguably even better than the standard version. Its aggressive stance and bold appearance make it look ready for action, particularly when adorned with Cam Waters’ Monster Energy livery or the original black test design.

3. Red Bull RB19 – F1

Red Bull RB19

Opinions aside, the Red Bull RB19 undeniably stands out as the most visually appealing car on the grid. Its sleek design and smooth concept have been flawlessly executed, giving it a distinct advantage over the competition. The Red Bull concept has become so popular that other teams are starting to adopt it, resulting in some awkward design features. While it’s unclear if the RB19 will win every race this year, its well-sorted design is definitely a factor to watch out for.

4. Toyota GR Yaris – WRC

 Toyota GR Yaris

While the current WRC cars may not have the same aggressive look as the previous generation, they are still among the most extreme-looking race cars out there. With massive wings, boxy arches, and compact hatchbacks, they certainly stand out on the track. Among the new models, the Ford Puma and Hyundai i20N are impressive, but it is the GR Yaris that really steals the show. Drawing inspiration from the equally stunning road car, the GR Yaris looks mental and stands out from the rest of the pack.

5. Ferrari 499P – WEC

Ferrari 499P

The return of Ferrari to the top level of sports car racing is even more exciting because the car they’re returning with is absolutely stunning. The 499P looks great in its Ferrari livery, which features a decent amount of yellow alongside the traditional red. Even if it had a different shape, it would still look good. However, the car that was unveiled during testing looks purposeful and aggressive, with some nods to Ferrari’s road cars, thanks to the new Hypercar regulations. The back of the car features a full-width light that appears to be floating, while the angular and aggressive rear wing endplates and fin are eye-catching. The front of the car looks mean and aggressive, too. Overall, we can’t wait to see the car in person.

6. Hendrick Garage 56 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 – Le Mans

Hendrick Garage 56 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1

Although it will only race once in 2023, a specially-prepared NASCAR Cup Series car has generated quite a buzz. It is set to race at Le Mans to celebrate the great event’s centenary and the 75th anniversary of NASCAR. What makes it even more exciting is the addition of extra aero, which is sure to make the already great-looking current generation of NASCAR a world-beater. The car has real headlights and dive planes, adding to its aesthetic appeal. We are thrilled to see it race around La Sarthe and hear its roar.