Audi is preparing to take part in the legendary Dakar Rally


Audi has shared new details about preparations for the famous Dakar rally-marathon. The RS Q e-tron SUV with an innovative hybrid power unit will be at the start of the race. In its creation the experience of various racing competitions was used.

The press service of the manufacturer informs about it. Rally SUV Audi RS Q e-tron is equipped with two motor generators (MGU) from Formula E race car. They will be powered by a high-voltage battery, which uses a gasoline generator for charging. He, in turn, is a tandem turbocharged gasoline motor TFSI from the world of DTM and electric motor. Two electronic control units and about four kilometers of cables are responsible for the operation of all the car’s systems.

“The RS Q-e-tron is the most technologically advanced car that Audi Sport has ever used in racing,” comments Julius Seebach, head of Audi Sport GmbH.

To accommodate all the components of the complex drive system, the creators had to use every inch of body space. And it is important that every unit can be quickly and easily accessed, because in racing conditions every second is precious. In addition, it is necessary to protect all electrical and electronic components from natural factors: sand, water, temperature and altitude fluctuations.

Since the Audi RS Q e-tron will be used not only on rough terrain, but also on conventional roads, it must pass certification and obtain all the necessary documents for registration. In addition, the car still faces numerous tests, simulating various situations that await the pilots during the grueling marathon.